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Most translation pricing for editable file formats (.doc, .xls. .html etc.) is based on language pair, volume, complexity of text and required turnaround time. Prices will vary depending on the volume to translate, the complexity of the text, file format and delivery time frames. For this reason we need to quote on each project individually.

How fast can we complete the translation?

For editable content, expect 3-5 working days to complete up to 2000 words. For larger projects it will depend somewhat on scheduling and translator availability, so please enquire. We can commit multiple translators simultaneously to a single project as required to speed up delivery.

Who accepts our translations?

Most Government and educational institutions in New Zealand accept our translations. This includes translations required by New Zealand Immigration (NZIS), New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), Department of Internal Affairs (DIA), Inland Revenue Department (IRD), the Courts/Justice Department, Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI), Ministry of Business and Innovation (MBI), and the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA).

Offshore we our translations have been accepted by multiple agencies in various jurisdictions over the years (across the EU, in China, Japan, Thailand etc.), but if in doubt it is best to check with the agency in question first before contracting us.

Are scans of originals acceptable in New Zealand?

Yes, in most instances scans of the originals are acceptable. The exception is where a certified copy of the original is requested. This means you must take your original document to a Justice of the Peace (or other authorised person) and have him/her take a copy of this document, stamps and sign that it is a certified copy, and then provide us with this certified copy. We then affix the translation to this certified copy, stamped with our company seal and signed by our representative.

How will you send me the translation?

Generally we will send electronically (via an email, download link etc.) However, if you require the translation to be certified (e.g. to present to MPI for packaging translations), then we also send a signed and sealed print copy.

Proper noun spellings

When transferring proper nouns such as personal names, company names, product names, place names etc. spellings to and from non-Roman scripts (such as Hindu, Thai or Cyrillic) to English there are often several different ways to spell it. It is important that you advise us if there are existing translations of your proper nouns so we can maintain consistency.

We maintain a database of accepted transliterations of New Zealand place names into a wide range of languages.

Payment terms

For all certified translations we require payment prior to delivery.
For all corporate translations terms are 14 days from delivery.

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