Audio Transcription and Translation

A2ZTranslate is frequently asked to provide audio transcriptions and translations for multiple purposes. These are often required for internal company purposes, for presentation in legal proceedings and for supporting materials in immigration applications.

We provide audio transcription and translation across all our supported languages {link to languages page}. Given that in New Zealand most competent translators and interpreters are very well networked within their language community, we often utilise our extensive network of off-shore professional translators, built up over our 16+ years in business, to ensure no possible conflict of interest may arise.

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When using audio transcription and translation for any legal purpose (including immigration) it is important that time-coding is accurate (so that a particular phrase or sentence can be referred to easily) and that the translation is accurate and literal. It is imperative that the translator does not make any “inferences” as this may void the accuracy of the translation. A2ZTranslate provides a full legal affirmation for the accuracy of both the transcription and translation.

Of course, due to the nature of this content we cannot provide any previous samples or referrals. Maintaining confidentiality in these projects is one of our paramount concerns and a full NDA is available for all clients.

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