A2ZTranslate was founded in 2002. Starting off as a translation home office in Grey Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand, we soon moved to premises in High Street. From there we have moved several times as expansion required. We currently reside in the O’Connell Collective, at the General Buildings, 29-33 Shortland Street, Auckland CBD.

We have in-house and contract translators working across 30 language pairs. We run the most up to date CAT programs, if you don’t know what they are then just ask; it is the most valuable part of your translation IP. In short it means we use real people translators, but manage the translation process with the most sophisticated software to remember your previous translations, and recycle them into a new structure or format. We build and develop term bases and translation memories on behalf of our clients, and host them, but we always guarantee:

  • your term base and/or translation memory is yours
  • they will never be mixed with any other
  • we host it on your behalf
  • but, should you ever choose to bring translation in-house/change provider, we will deliver the term base and translation memory to you within 5 working days

A Translation Memory or Term Base is actually part of your company IP; please don't undervalue it. It has true worth, it has taken a lot of work to build, and should not be discarded easily.

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